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Ostern 2012-I

Part 2
I was so happy to come to Taizé again. It was my fifth time there, but I'm still deeply impressed again and again. Take a travel to this place with me and see the beautiful places I found there:

Down in the garden of Silence, der is a well in little cave. I like this place.

I love the sound of the ringing bells ...

I just walked down the hill and I saw that nearly everything in Taizé was flourishing.

Flourishing bushes and trees everywhere ... it's so beautiful!

This is why I love spring!

the old church down in the village

On my way to Amaugny I found this nice bog-covered wall.

church of Ameugny

at the edge of the hill again

I walked at the next hill - when I looked back, I saw this nice view on the old village of Taizé.

Even the rape had it's first blooms!

A closer look at the old village, taken from the same point as the previous photo.

A cherry tree with lots of blooms and lots of bees - it was humming all around

A herd of goats and one goat wich seemed to bee excluded ... but they were staring at each other and the herd came to the single goat in slow steps.

I love these ivy-covered trees ..

a field of currant bushes
Part 2

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